Seventy Six Roundels: Seventy six (76) Sitios in the Municipality.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Occidental Mindoro where the town is located.

Nine Sunrays: Nine (9) Barangays comprising the Municipality.

Mountains: Vast mountain ranges, some are still virgin with wildlife animals, floras and faunas and with abundant supply of forest products and mineral deposits.

Coconut: "Tree of Life", major source of income in the Municipality.

River: Numerous rivers in the Municipality, one factor why town was named "Abra de Ilog."

Ricefields/Lowlands: Town produces grain products most particularly rice and lowlands are used as pasturelands for livestock raising.

Port: Port of Abra de Ilog which serves as gateway to Province of Occidental Mindoro from mainland Luzon which facilitates the flourishing trade between the province and other islands of Luzon, hence, it has strategic role in the development of entire province.

Sea: Fishing as also source of livelihood to the marginal fishermen.