Nine Golden Yellow Stars: Nine (9) Barangays of Abucay that contributes greater share in development, success and progress as a whole.

Church on the Blue Field: Catholic Churchbuilt in 1689. Abucay, is the oldest town, parish organized and established by Dominican Friars in Bataan , also second oldest Dominican town/parish in the Philippines.

Building on the Red Field: Municipal building of Abucay, built in 1669; A historic relics of the town.

Statue on the Red Field: First Filipino Printer, Tomas Pinpin. Also known as the "Prince of Filipino Printers," He was born in Abucay in 1610 and made the town famous in Philippine history.

Mountain, Soldier Lying Down in Firing Position and Soldier Raising the Philippine Flag on the Blue : The "Main Battle Position" marker of Abucay, one of its historical sites. Contemplated under War Plan Orange 3, the battle position of the USAFFE, known officially as the "Abucay-Morong Line" was established astride this road. The East and West sectors of this line were assaulted beginning the 9th and 15th of January, 1942, respectively.

1587: Year the town of Abucay was founded.