colors: Red, White and Blue represent the Philippine flag which stands for the Republic of the Philippines Green stands for life the color of crops which means food sufficiency Yellow or Gold stands for light, enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom

rays of the sun: were patterned after the CHED logo which has the over-all supervision of state college and universities in the country which aims for quality and relevant courses of the tertiary education

rice fields, crops, tractor, fish/fishponds, tree, gear, computer, tower, the replica of a Home : represent the curricular programs offered by the college

1908: was the original date of the establishment of the school during the American Regime as Manobo Farm School and the 1995 was the date the college was converted into a state college on March 1, 1995 by virtue of RA 7932 as signed by His Excellency, President Fidel V. Ramos