Fourteen Palm Leaves: Locally known as "anahaw", they represent the fourteen (14) Barangays comprising the town; also depict that Anahaw Trees were prevalent and abundant in the locality, hence, name of the town derived.

Abaca Ropes & Bamboos: Solidarity and strength of townsfolks; depict the 2 agricultural products of Anahawan.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Southern Leyte where the town is located.

Top Left: Coconut industry as main source of income of the farmers and source of indigenous materials for cottage industries.

Top Right: Fishing industry, one of the sources of income for most of townspeople.

Bottom Left: Lake Danao majestically located atop a mountain; another prominent landmark and potential tourist attraction, wildlife sanctuary and botanical sites.

Bottom Right: Depicts the hot spring located in Barangay Mainit and is a prominent local tourist attraction.