Yellow Circle: "BAYAN NG ANILAO" in big bold black letters and "ILOILO" in small bold black letters: Municipality's emergence as one of the best performing local government units in Province of Iloilo and its effort to keep on top despite of its financial insufficiency.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Iloilo where the town is located.

Lighted Torch: Anilao today boast of Banaag Festival - A festival that capsulates rich cultural history of Anilao. In the past, lighted torch saved many Anilaonon's lives from the evils of other men. Today the glow of light binds Anilaonons together into a people of unity with common hope, dreams and aspiration of liberating Anilao from poverty.

Fields, Mountains and Coastal Areas: Physical attributes of the Municipality of Anilao which basically thrives through agriculture as evidence by its vast and lustrous fields, mountains and coastal areas. Though it is with meager financial resources, Anilao continually strive to be on top, boost development in its midst and to give every Anilaonon a better future through nourishment of its natural resources.