Provincial Shield: Speaks of the courage and patriotism of the people of Apayao.

Blue and Red Color: Stress the adherence of the province of Apayao to all national programs as these colors symbolize the Philippine National Flag.

Cord: Symbolizes cooperation, unity and participation of the people of Apayao in the rapid development of the province.

Beads (encircling the shield) : Symbolize the prominent ancient culture of all the tribes inhabiting the province coupled by their great aspirations to preserve and develop such culture.

Two (2) Stars: Represent the two (2) districts of the province of Apayao, Striving for a star-high progress and development.

Seven (7) Sun Rays: Portray the seven (7) great municipalities comprising the province namely: Calanasan, Kabugao, Conner, Luna, Pudtol, Sta Marcela and Flora.

Descending Dove: Symbolizes the lasting peace in the province of apayao.

Five (5) Flying Birds: Representing the five (5) letters of Peace, reflective of the joy and enthusiasm for having obtained autonomy by virtue of R.A. No. 7878

Trees: depict the abundance of forest reserves.

Mountain, Rivers and Ricefields: Speak of the great agricultural potentials of the province which make it self-sufficient to meet the demands of the fast-growing population.

Wheels: Represent the earnest vision and mission of the province towards a developed, industrialized model province.

Ancient Letters: Derived from the pre-colonial alphabet which are translated into English letters E, K, and B the three (3) letters which Apayao should not forget.