Shield: Derived from the Provincial Seal of Benguet where the town is located.

Sky Blue Color: Represents peace and purity.

Eight Stars: Represent the 8 barangays of the Municipality; its golden yellow color denotes light of progress for the whole Municipality.

Five Mountains: Depict the sources of livelihood in the Municipality such as vegetable lands, ricefields, fruit trees, pasture lands, and other sources of income like handicrafts, cottage industries, etc; scenic spots whose green color represents productivity and progress.

Grabhoe & Pick: Symbolize the tools used in cultivating the farms and ricefields.

Wheel: Stands for the cultural values and traits of the people as peaceful and freedom-loving with political unity as well as economic ideology which has been envisioned by the forefathers handed to the present generation and rolling it to the next generation; the ups and downs of the wheel denotes progress and whatever obstacles were overcame by unity, capability, and peaceful characteristics of the people.

Chains: Denotes unity, cohesion, and simple purposeness towards the attainment of common goals.