Shield: Derived from the Provincial Seal of Ilocos Norte where the town is located.

Carabao & Plow: Symbolizes the 2 basic factors of production which are of paramount importance in attaining the fondest dreams of the people to become active, viable, self-reliant, and productive.

Tobacco & Garlic: Represent the 2 major agricultural cash crops of the people thereby attaining self-suffiency.

Leaning Tower: Strength and sturdiness of its people to withstand challenges of life in the passage of time. It also expresses dignity of labor.

Blue: Symbolizes the incessant love for peace, justice, equality, and tranquility, the purity of heart and open mind of the people of Bacarra to march towards progress. It also depicts the fervent hopes and prayers of the people to reach their goals in their pursuit for economic recovery through productivity and self-reliance.

Brown: Represents the basic race which the people take pride in the cultivation of the soil through their own sweat and blood.