Color Symbolism: White: Peaceful nature of BacooreƱ6s. Red: Courage of BacooreƱos and determination of fight for freedom. Blue: City Government's commitment to save environment and its pristine water resources as well as calmness and serenity as hallmarks of character of people of Bacoor.

2012: Year town of Bacoor became a City.

Circle: Continuity of Bacoor's time-honored traditions despite its conversion into City.

Eight (8) rayed sun: Eight (8) Provinces including Cavite that first took up arms against Spaniards during Philippine revolution.

Bridge : Zapote Bridge where historic Battle of Zapote took place during Philippine Revolution.

Seventy Three (73) Bricks: Seventy three Barangays of the City of Bacoor and how cooperation of each contributes to stability of the City.

year "1671": Year when town of Bacoor was founded.

Marching Bands: Eleven (11) existing musical marching bands in Bacoor, familiar fixtures in all important events that have taken place in Bacoor over the years.

Two (2) Mussels (tahong): Main agricultural produce of City and its two (2) new Districts.

Bamboo: From which the name of City was taken and resilient nature character of its people.

Building: Progressive nature of City.