Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Pangasinan where the town is located.

Town Hall: Seat of the municipal government, rebuilt in 1985.

Steps Leading to the Cross: Bani is noted for its version of Calvary Hill with its 1,000-step "Via Crucis" leading to a gigantic Redeemer's Cross. The Cross is perched on a plateau overlooking South China Sea and is where the annual Archdiocesan Penitential Pilgrimage is celebrated every Holy Tuesday.

Tree: Bani Tree, a local medicinal tree where the town got its name. Its roots stand for the Municipality's resources while the branches stand for production. Nineteen 19 leaves for the Barangays subsequently formed to compose the Twenty Seven 27 Barangays at present.

Eight Crescents / Wave: Original number of Barangays of Bani. The blue water stands for marine resources; bangus and prawn in particular, the Municipality's major fishing products.

1769: Year when Bani was founded.

Rice Field: Rice as one of the major agricultural products of Bani.