Color Symbolism: White: Peace. Yellow: Equal justice and freedom. Green: Rich farmlands and forests. Blue: Peaceful tourist spots and rich aquatic resources. Red: Courage. Gold: Prosperity.

Rope: Strength and unity of the people.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Oriental Mindoro where the town is located.

1959: Year when Bansud was created as an independent Municipality under Republic Act 2514.

Map: Hope and aspirations of local government.

Rising Sun w/ Thirteen Sunrays: Progress and development for the Municipality and its thirteen (13) Barangays.

Anchor: Potential of Bansud in fishing industry.

Tamaraw: A rare animal which can only be found in Island of Mindoro; also shows uniqueness of the Municipality.

Palay: Major agricultural product.

Arch: March for progress through efforts of municipal officials and employees.

Rizal Monument: Rizal as an intellectual, a challenge to the youths.