Provincial Shield: Designated provincial shield of Batangas.

Balisong: Otherwise known as "butterfly knife" or a Batangas knife, Philippine version of folding knife. Thirty-four circle at the handle of knife stand for three (3) Component Cities and thirty one (31) Municipalities of the Province.

Taal Volcano: Famous natural landmark which is widely known for its unique feature.

Sea Vessel: International port that is vital to domestic and international trade.

Waves: Bodies of water surrounding or found within the Province: Batangas Bay, Taal Lake, Balayan Bay and Tayabas Bay.

Gear and Spark: Province as an emerging "growth center" in Southern Tagalog.

1581: Foundation year of Batangas, formerly known as Balayan.

Horse: Batangas is known nationwide for its horses. It is also used to show cattle and meat-processing industry.