Outer Circle: Adventurous character of its populace, with inscription of the name of Municipality.

Inner Circle w/ Sixteen Stars: Royalty and loyalty of the first settlers of this Municipality, Higaonon Tribe scattered within the sixteen (16) Barangays.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Bukidnon where town is located.

Rising Sun: Baungon is moving towards development; politically, economically, socially and spiritually.

Mountain Ranges: Mt. Kitanglad which adds beauty to place being situated at its foothills.

Wide Plains: Vast productive farms that served as food basket planted with cassava, corn, rice, banana and fruit trees which are main source of livelihood of townspeople.

Flower: Rafflesia schadenbergiania, largest rare flower in the world found in Baungon.

Cattle Head: Majority of farmers use working animal in their farm cultivation.

1956: Year when Baungon was converted into a Municipality by virtue of Executive Order No. 272.