White Dove & Rays: Almighty God who is continuously showering abundant blessings to people of every place. He guides and understands, blesses and promises peaceful and abundant life to the government and people of Boac. He serves as the highest and ultimate desire of government of this Municipality. Blessings are symbolized by the rays.

Coconut Tree: Main source of living in municipality is coconut industry. Different materials from leaves to roots are extracted and made into different products.

Net & Plow: Technology used by farmers and fishermen and good trait of being industrious of its people. From dawn to dusk, farmers go to their fields with their plow while fishermen go fishing with their nets.

Mountain and Sea: Vast resources in the municipality. Agricultural products are raised and harvested largely inmountainous parts and sea is also rich in food and a major source of trade. It is because of these vast resources that major occupations are farming and fishing.

Pair of Hands: Offering of people, resources and government to God. They signify oneness and unity of its people in utilization of resources and sharing in the blessings of God for a better community.

"Service to God & People": Being true in serving people of the Municipality as local government also serves God.