Big Circle: Continuity of existence of the town. Gold Color: Strength, being a model to all towns in the country.

Small Circle: Solidarity of the inhabitants of the town. Deep Red Color: Seekers of right, awareness of the people of Cabatuan (political, social, etc.).

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Isabela where the town is located.

1949: Year when Municipality was founded under Executive Order No. 293.

Sun: Source of life which gives strength to the townspeople.

Mountain Ranges: Rice as major crop of the town.

Church: Roman Catholism, dominant religion of the townspeople.

Warehouse & Ricemill: Town has the most number of warehouses and ricemills in the region.

River: Magat River, source of irrigation making the town harvests riceat least twice a year.

Corn & Tobacco: Secondary crops of the town.

Laurel Leaves: Victory of the people in all adversities in life.

Family: Goal of the Municipality in achieving an ideal number of families.

Upraised Hands: NGO's and LGU's in their cooperative efforts in uplifting the lives of people.