Color Symbolism: Metallic: Radiating significance of "banga" and Dr. Jose P. Rizal in minds and deeds of Calambeños. Red: Burning patriotism of Calambeños as exemplified by Rizal. This patriotic fervor is expected to exist as long as the city and her people endure. Blue: Productivity and tranquility of Calamba. Silver: Development perspective of Calamba from an agricultural pueblo in the 1700s to an agro-industrial commercial city at the turn of third millennium. White: Purity, transparency, efficiency and prudence in governance of the City. As the community embraces city hood, it is expected of city's public servant to render service according to their solemn oath of duty, practice transparency in their acts and above all, to adhere to the noble purpose that service to people is service to God.

Shield: From the Provincial seal of Laguna where the City is located.

abstract form of banga and dr. jose p. rizal: Many legends of Calamba are represented by the "Banga". Calamba derived its name from the phrase "kalan-banga" which, later on was transformed into Calamba, City's present name. Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Country's National Hero, has been most influential, significant and pervasive in lives of Calambeños (in fact, for all Filipinos) and will continue to remain so in every Calambeños now and in the future.

Mountain & waves: Legendary Mount Makiling and Laguna de Bay. Land and water resources as basic factors which Calambeños harnessed in making lives and City prosperous.

Silhouette of rice plant and industrial building: Economy's transformation from agriculture to commerce and industry.

1742 and 2001: Years Calamba was founded as a Pueblo and City.