Outer golden ring: Unity of City with the whole island ; gold for the richness of place with its varied resources and rich environment.

Green Background: Life, rich vegetation and relatively intact environment that sustain its people.

inner golden ring with 62 pentagonal forms: Unity among City's sixty two (62) Barangays and its inhabitants.

Sky Blue Color: Peace with the sky representing peaceful living within the city.

1998: the year when Calapan was established as a city.

parallel blue bars: Sea and water resources of the City as prime source of livelihood of coastal inhabitants and as gateway through sea going to the island of Mindoro.

Wheel: Progress and development of human activities and commerce.

rice stalk with grains: Farming as source of livelihood of the people.

tree: reflective of a city that needs to be sustained and cared for, just lie a small plant that could grow into a full grown trees, which later could give life to all within its shade.