Red, White, Blue & yellow: Loyalty of people of Cavite City to its government.

Shield or Escudo: Bravery and fortitude.

Rays of the sun: Role of Cavite City in struggle against Spanish domination during Philippine revolution of 1896.

kkk: Part played by Cavite City in organization of Katipunan.

Laurel Leaves: Victories of people of Cavite City by reason not only of their bravery in times of war but likewise progress achieved through all these historical years.

Para Dios y Patria : Chabacano dialect, one of greatest heritages of the city which means "For God and Country".

Spanish port: Fort San Felipe, where thirteen (13) martyrs were detained before their execution and also the place where Cavite Mutiny of 1872 took place.

1872: Year Cavite Mutiny took place.

Musical Paper sheet: Meant to remember Don Julian Felipe, composer of the Philippine National Anthem.

Map of Cavite City: Territorial jurisdiction of the city which includes Corregidor. Epic struggle at Corregidor is part and parcel of glorious history of the City.

Monument: Thirteen (13) Martyrs of Cavite who were executed by Spaniards on September 12, 1896.