Forty One Stars: Fourty One (41) Barangays of the Municipality;united efforts for "In Unity There Is Strength."

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Cagayan where the town is located.

Lakay-Lakay & Baket-Baket: Two (2) legendary enormous rocks resembling that of a man (lakay-lakay) and a woman (baket-baket) at sea near the rocky cliffs and shore of the Western tip of Claveria Bay and east of Taggat Lagoon. It was believed that these figures have miraculous powers.

Logs & Verdant Mountain: Logging and lumber industry of the Municipality.

Claveria Bay: Indescribable grandeur of its scenery combined together while the sea; also typifies abundance in fish and all kinds of marine life. Local and foreign vessels call at port to carry logs and its by-products to near and faraway lands.

Circle: unity.

41 stars: barangays.

Palay/Sack of Rice and Palma Brava: major agricultural products.

Fishes: marine products.

Sea: Claveria bay.

Mountains: source of forest products.

1865: year of creation as a municipality.

Sun: bright future.