Stars: represent the city's 31 barangays.

Sigue Dagupan: the slogan, which means a forward-looking Dagupan, was derived from the earlier seal that was conceptualized and designed by late Roman Catholic Archbishop Mariano Madriaga.

Rising Sun: stands for hope; DagupeƱos being noted for their peerless optimism.

Gear Wheel and Torch: symbolizes trade and commerce and education, respectively; the city being center for business and education in Northern Luzon.

Railroad and Highway: retained from the original seal of the city, a crossed road and a railway track depict Dagupan's strategic location where different cultures meet, thus the name "Pandaragupan" - meeting place. The railroad itself is reminiscent of the past when trains were a major means of transportation.

Horseshoe magnet: symbolizes the city's attractions that lure various kinds of people, including merchants and traders.

1947: signifies the year Dagupan, Pangasinan was established as a chartered city by virtue of Republic Act No. 170.

Bangus: stands for the main product of the city: the famous Dagupan Bangus. It also represents the major industries, fishing and aquaculture.

waves: the 7 waves represent the seven tributaries traversing Dagupan, namely Pantal, Patogkawen, Calmay, Tanap, Dawel, Sinocalan and Bayaos River. These river system form part of the greater Agno River.