Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Sorsogon where the town is located.

Two "Budyongs": Unity; used by early inhabitants as horns to warn the townspeople against marauding Moro pirates.

1764: Year when Gubat became a separate pueblo. It was formerly a visita or barangay of Bulusan.

Coconut, Abaca, & Palay: Major sources of income of Gubatnons.

Fish, Basket & Pot: Fishing and cottage industries as alternative source of income of townspeople while pottery made the town famous in many parts of Bicol Region and Samar.

Tower: Known as "Baluarte de Piedra", people's resolve in warding off the pirates who frequently raided the place during the town's formative years.

Cross: Chnistianity introduced and embraced by the people, their religiosity and devotion to their faith.

Forty Two Pili Nuts: Potentials of Gubat and the fourty two (42) Barangays of the Municipality.

Map Amidst the Red Background: Geographical area of the town;

Map Amidst the Red Background: Geographical area of the town and the respect of the people towards authority and self-reliance.