Circle: Bond of unity.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Albay where the town is located.

Mayon Volcano: Province of Albay wherein geographical map of Guinobatan is located.

Map: Geographical area of Municipality.

1688: Separation of Guinobatan from Camalig, making it a distinct parish. Town reckon their "Arandurugan Festival" by its foundation year.

Plow, Rice, Abaca, & Coconut Tree: Farming as majority of GuinobateƱos are engaged in simple productive living. Rice, abaca and coconut are the three (3) major crops produced in the town.

Dove & Bell: Political aspects of Guinobatan. Their democratic form of living and freedom and rights they are enjoying.

Book: Center of education in Third District of Albay because of its colleges namely: Bicol University-College of Agriculture and Republic Colleges and 4 secondary schools.

Olive Leaves: Glory, honor and idealism; Fourty-four (44) olive leaves for its Barangays.