Shield: From the Provincial seal of Bataan where the municipality belongs.

Sea and Fish: Sea food. Sea was added to represent limitless opportunities for fisherman to make a livelihood in the town from all bounties the sea offers. Bangus was chosen to signify administration's intention to further strengthen and support fishing sector of the Municipality. Bangus was also chosen because of its status (its ability to be found on the dinner table of people in different social classes, a unifying factor of the people) and its availability in the market.

Palay: Agricultural side of Hermosa and the administration's intention to focus a great deal on its resources, to further improve and strengthen industrial and fishing sectors. Palay was chosen as it is the staple food of the people and most familiar to all classes of society.

Green Hills/Mountain: Cleanliness and promotion to a more environmental friendly Hermosa. As a backdrop to all symbols despite growth of all other sectors in Hermosa, they will still maintain a clean environment. It also represent administration's drive to improve on waste and garbage collection/disposal to create a facility that use or recycle wastes of the town.

Cog/Gear: Growth of the industrial sector of Hermosa. Also shows solid turning of progress within the Municipality; with progress comes more business and more business comes more jobs; more jobs equates to a better life for the people of Hermosa. Gear for Twenty three (23) Barangays of the Municipality.