Shield : Derived from the Provincial Seal of Pangasinan where the town is located.

Structure: Represents the Municipal Hall of Infanta, the seat of the Municipal Government.

Ricefields: Most important source of staple food which is rice. It shows the municipality's rice self-sufficiency, surplus product exported to other towns, making Infanta one of Rice Granary of Quezon Province.

Sea, fishing boats, fish, shrimp and crab: Represent fishing, one of the sources of livelihood of the people since time immemorial and now a flourishing occupation. Fishing generates income for the municipality with hundreds of fishing boats decorating the coastal shores of Infanta.

Salt beds: Reflect the historical background of the Province, it being named after salt-making, which means in local dialect "pang-asinan" and also represent the third largest income-generating occupation of the people. Infanta is famous for the whitest and finest marketeed inside and outside the province.

1876: this was the year Infanta was founded.