Color Ruby Red, Golden Yellow, Black, Hues of Green, Sky Blue and Brown: Kalinga colors, signify the bright tomorrow for Kalinga, and of peace and unity.

Lowland Plain: Sprawling " Rice Granary" of Cordilleras at Tabuk and Rizal.

Hut: Represent family solidarity, the key to lasting peace.

Golden Earring: Represent the Kalingas golden earing called Lobay.

Shield, Spear and Axe: The common weapon of the natives of Kalinga; symbolic of the honor code of the Kalingas and their deed sense of justice

Map: Represent the Kalinga geographical area showing the eight (8) municipalities.

Tower and Power Lines: Represent the energy resources of Kalinga; the geothermal resources, one of the biggest sources of electric power in Luzon is found in the province

carabao head : Represent the livestock industry; carabao is still the most important work animal in the province.

Cart with peak hade and minerals : represent the mineral resources of kalinga.

1995: On a Kalinga - multi-colored G-string coin girdle scroll, marks the birth year of the province.