Shield: Derived from the Provincial Seal of Benguet where the town is located.

Upper Portion: Sky Blue Background: Represents the location of this mountainous Municipality which is almost at the foot of the sky from the seashore lines. Pine Forest: Symbolizes the 7 barangays. Irregularly-graded Narrow Road: Represents the downhill and uphill road network. Green Terraces: Represent vegetable farming in the mountainous terrains.

Left Portion : Woman: Dressed in "bangcudo", a custom dress and plays with "pakgong", a split bamboo with holes on the handle that makes a sound when tapped, depicts the differences of the Benguet people from other Cordillera tribes. Basket: Locally known as "kayabang", stands for the source of livelihood of the townspeople.

Right Portion: Native musical instruments: The "gansa" and "solibao" depicts the tribal tradition of thanksgiving to the Lord for a bountiful harvest.