Circle: Unity among its constituents.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Ilocos Sur where the town is located.

Thirty Stars: Thirty (30) Barangays comprising the Municipality.

Red Color: Bravery.

Rice Stalks: Agriculture; Magsingal is primarily an agricultural town.

White Color: Peace.

Blue Waves & Fish: Rivers and springs such as Pursua River, the biggest river in the town; Pagsanaan River which separates Pagsanaan Norte and Pagsanaan; Subsubusob Spring, the town's source of water supply; and Nalvo Spring, one of the scenic spots of Magsingal. Fish as their fishing industry.

1676: Year when Municipality was founded.

Mountains & Hills: "Bantay Bullagao": Highest mountain in the Municipality; "Bantay Samsamon": A good grazing ground for livestock; "Bantay Buneng", noted for its sharp rocks and "Bussaoit Hills", where La Gallera Magsingal is located.