Color Symbolism: Golden Yellow represent wealth and prosperity. Green symbolizing life.

two (2) Rings: symbolize and epitomize the everlasting life of out community emboldened by the unceasing dedication of the local government of its human and economic resources.

Two (2) Stars: symbolize the two (2) districts of the City of Makati.

1995: signifies the year of conversion of the municipality of Makati to a City by R.A. No. 7854

Map outline: represents the topographical area of Makati.

Waves: represent the ebbing tide from which the place got its name for the phrase "Makati Na, Kumati Na", means ebbing tide.

Church: represent the historic Nueva SeƱora De Garcia popularly known as the Guadalupe Ruins, Makati's oldest church which was used as a fortress by the Filipinos against the Spaniards in 1896 and the Americans in 1898

Buildings: stand for the new dynamic Makati.

Thirty Two (32) Rays: stand for the thirty two (32) barangays surging toward a brighter future.