Gear: Motion, transmission and direction towards the common man's desire for economic and social upliftment. The cogs of the gear represents the forty six (46) Barangays of the City.

Tall Green Tree: Myriad controversial pine trees that dot and clad northern, eastern and southern mountains that typifies City of Malaybalay, hence, it is sometimes referred to as a pine tree country. It also signifies coolness of the air because City lies on a high plateau.

Man, plow & carabao: Agriculture as economic activity of townspeople.

Blue Half-moon: Vast natural resources of Malaybalay and mountains which appear to be blue when seen from afar.

Kalasag (colored red, black and white): Cultural minorities of Malaybalay Bukidnon.

Crossed spears of "Bangkaw": Center of flourishing Malayan culture in Bukidnon. It does not symbolize a warlike tribe, instead a peaceful, friendly and yet brave people.

wavy lines: Fertility of soil, rivers and creeks, rolling verdant hills, terrain and contour of Malaybalay.