Seventeen Leaves: Seventeen (17) Barangays properly situated and inhabited by peace-loving people.

Color Symbolism: Blue: People's awareness and community participation in all development endeavors. Red: Bravery and courage of people of Manay who are ready to face challenges of time. Golden Yellow: Peace among loving people of Manay.

1917: The date when the town was created.

Scale: Means that the Municipality is governed and guided by law.

Three Stars: Three (3) state-like Barangays; San Ignacio, Del Pilar and San Isidro

Map: Represents the geographical area of the Municipality; symbolizes fertile land to till and develop.

Cross: Symbolizes the Christian way of life in the Municipality.

Tree: Represents the abundance and rich forest resources which maintain the ecological stability of the land.

Corn: Symbolizes the second principal product of Manay.

Coconut: Stands for the major crop of the Municipality which thrives over 45.20% of the agricultural area of the town.

Fish: Represents the good fishing grounds of the town within 15 of the Municipality's waters.