Red, White, & Blue Colors: From the Philippine National Flag.

Golden Yellow Color: High aspirations of townspeople.

Tree: Towering tree for growth and the legend which gave town its name.

1932: Beginning of town's existence as an independent municipality by virtue of Executive Order No. 308 signed by acting Governor-General George Butte on March 27, 1931 and became effective on January 1, 1932.

Rising Sun: Light and guidance of the Creator on different areas of human endeavor.

Sun Rays: Sixteen (16) Barangays comprising the town.

Three Stars: Partnership of the Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Private Sectors in local governance.

Lanzones, Coconut, Coffee & Banana: Major farm products of Municipality.

Pig, Cow, & Chick: Poultry and livestock industries as major sources of livelihood of townspeople.

Waves & Volcano: Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Town has three (3) coastal Barangays with a shoreline of about 5 kms.