Logo: Municipal Government's goal of an ecological and economically-wise, politically astute schemes of managing Nagtipunan. upland Municipality and Quirino's outdoor land.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Quirino where the town is located.

Four Ilongot Swords: Four (4) major tribes of Ilongot who are indigenious inhabitants of the Municipality: Unity, peace and stability as a result of the Ilongot Nadiboy peace talks in 1967 terminating headhunting as traditional practice.

Rainbow: Balanced environmental ecology.

Mountains: Sierra Madre and Namamparang Mountain Ranges, principal sources of livelihood, food, energy and shelter for the people being rich in natural resources.

River: Cagayan River winding from the Municipality and habitat of various aquatic species; it is also a major tourist attraction due to the numerous rapids, sand bars, unpolluted crystal blue waters and marvelous natural rock formations along its bank which is covered with rainforest.

Dam: Casecnan trans-basin diversion project which channels excess water of Cagayan River to Pantabangan Dam Complex.

Horizontal Figures: Upland development which the municipal government envisions to attain for a stable and sustained upland productivity.

Agricultural Land: Existing flatlands devoted to permanent agriculture.

Family Figure: People's objectives aimed to attain socio-economic and political well-being of Nagtipunan.