Two Rattan Rings: One of the products of Municipality and also represents cultural minorities. Ring signifies unity.

Upper half of the inner circle with green background: Agricultural district of Naujan which is mainly located on the Western side of Municipality.

Lower half with the blue background: Represents the fishing district and the coastal barangays of Naujan. It represents the marine area which is a major source of livelihood.

MDCXXXIX: The Roman numeral 1639 refers to the establishment of Naujan as a pueblo in virtue of a Royal Decree promulgated by King Philip of Spain.

Church Ruins: Represent the ruins of one of the oldest churches found in Mindoro Island. This symbolizes the past.

Lake: Represents the Naujan Lake which is the town's pride and a source of delicious species of fish.

Water Reservoir: Represents the only water reservoir of its kind in the Province. This is a well-known landmark that can be seen in the poblacion.

Mother Bangus: Locally known as "Sabalo", represents one of the major products of the lake. It is so well-known that it has become synonymous to the name of Naujan.