Rope: Equality, justice and unity for peace and development.

Color: Blue: Vast aquatic resources. Tangerine: Cheerfulness, high spirits and optimism. Yellow: Golden harvest and abundance in resources. White: Transparency in governance.

"N/S": These letter represent Northern Samar, by which it is better known.

Map: Geographical and political subdivision of Province which comprises twenty-four (24) municipalities, including five (5) island towns.

Galleon: Spanish conquistadores and missionaries; and establishment of Roman Catholicism and Spanish civil government in Northern Samar.

Torch : Major thrust of Province which is providing quality education to its constituents.

Mountain: Highest mountain range of Mt. Bubuya in Palapag Mesa. Where Agustin Sumuroy, a local hero, and his men, took refuge during his rebellion againts the Spanish government.

Rice field, Coconut, Abaca and Timber : Chief economic sources of income and livelihood of Province.