Color Symbolism: Blue, Green & Yellow Green: Forest, agricultural and aquatic resources. Yellow Orange: Richness in mineral resources. Yellow Gold: Abundance in agricultural product.

Eleven Roundels : Eleven (11) municipalities in Occidental Mindoro.

Tamaraw: One of a kind specie found only in the island of Mindoro. This rare breed has been time in memoriam associated with Mindorenos.

Fish & Three wavy lines: Abundance of aquatic resources either in the sea, from its rivers and from man made fishpens.

Tree with Three green lines: Vast forest zones in Occidental Mindanao, circles and upgrading line for inhabitants' commitment to preserve its natural environment.

Mountains & Rice Fields : Vast and rich agricultural mineral resources of Province.

1950: Year Occidental Mindoro was founded.

1950: Year when Occidental Mindoro was founded.

Two Stalks with grains: Two (2) Districts comprising the Province. Also palay as tie that binds the people of Occidental Mindoro and their major product.