Blue Background: Official color of the Municipality patterned after the Immaculate Conception.

Circular Shape: Local government's will to transcend the test of times and achieve its goals and objectives; rooted in its commitment to serve the people, united in community and civic affairs.

1572: Year when Oton was established and became the first Pueblo in Panay and Western Visayas as the seat of government known as "La Alcaldia de Oton."

Laurel Leaves: People's quest for excellence in any field of human endeavor.

Church: First seat of Christianity in Western Visayas,it was third in the country to be accepted as House of the Most Holy Name of Jesus in Philippines after Manila and Cebu in 1572 in honor of Immaculate Conception; also the First Council of Church in the Philippines was convened in Oton.

"Kapis" Shells & Fish: Abundance of "oton in lampirong" (placuna plancenta) and other products in its aquatic and marine resources; Fishing industry as major livelihood.

Woven Cloth: People's long-nurtured artistry in weaving hat, patchmaking and other similar livelihood.

Golden Mask: Richness in ancient artifacts and townspeople's ancient art in blacksmithing.