Circle: Strength, unity and aspiration of its people. Inscribed in it ithe name of the municipality and Province where it belongs.

1580: The year the MunicipalitY was founded.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Laguna where town is located. Colors from Philippine National Flag.

Lanzones Fruit: Thirty three 33 Sitios in mountain of the Municipality.

Chisel: Locally known as "paet", a tool used for carving where the Municipality got its name and also symbolizes the proficiency of people of Paete in the field of art and carving that's why Municipality of Paete is called "Carving Capital of the Philippines."

Square Rule: Locally known as "eskuwala", it has nine 9 measure lines which represents the nine (9) Barangays of the town. It's handle has diamond-shape lines.