Green Background: Clean and green Panabo. It will also be a reminder for its people to maintain the beauty of place, not just for now but for the future.

Circle: Unity among people of Panabo City.

Rope: People andlocal government officials who bind themselves in unity to help Panaboans realized its dreams.

Hands: Hallowed hands of "Supreme Being", who blessed Panabo with all its abundance and progress. It also shows the untiring support of local and national government officials for development of the City.

Year 2001: Year when Municipality of Panabo became a City.

Ship: Economic contribution of coastal activities especially in export of goods.

Agriculture and marine products: represent the product found within the boundaries in Panabo. Placed in a ship-like figure above a "blue wave" symbolizes its export potentials.

rocks: represent a firm foundation for each family.

Building: represents the industrial and infrastructures development of the city.

house: represents the basic unit of the community and its role in the society. Is also symbolizes the city government's aim to provide shelter for each family.

shield and arrow: tells the story where the name "PANABO" was coined. "Pana" and "Bo" means bow and arrow which was used by the first settlers for their survival. It also represent learning institutions which the City aims to provide-a chance of free education to all Panaboans.

family: represents a strong and unified family for a strong and unified country.