Color Symbolism: Blue: Abundance of water resources and productivity of Pililla as a town. It is dependent upon livelihood and natural resources. Red: Active involvement in community transformation and development towards global competitiveness. Green: Protection and preservation of environment as a key factor for achieving quality life of residents through sustainable massive campaign in crops and animal production. Yellow: Zealousness. Sky Blue: Peace and unity.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Rizal where the town is located.

1583: Year when Pililla was founded as an Independent Municipality.

Sun and Stars: Zealousness, integrity and ingenuity towards quality life.

Palay, Carabao, Fish and Chicken: Agriculture and industries.

Torch, Book and Caduceus: Education and health.

Scale and Gable: Dynamic leadership in governance and fiscal reforms by being just.

Hands: Peace and prosperity can be attained through collaborative efforts.

Infrastructure: Establishment of commercial centers and industries, livelihood and skills training programs.

Holy Sacrament: Residents of Pililla are pro-God and pro-people as first core value.