Shield: From the Provincial seal of Oriental Mindoro where the town is located.

Tamaraw Head Silhoutte: Rare wild animal found only in island of Mindoro

Sea, Rock Formation and Waterfalls: Tourist sites of the municipality are Pola Central school and its museum, Bayanan Beach, irregular coastline along Pola Bay, Tong tong Point and Calima Falls.

Fish and Prawn: Municipality is rich in aquatic resources.

Banana, Citrus, Coconut and Ricestalks: reflective of the municipality which is basically an agricultural town.

Sunrays: Twenty three (23) barangays that comprises the municipality.

Coconut trees, Ricefields, and Haystack: Major agricultural land utilization.

1910: Year when Pola regained its township from Pinamalayan under Executive Order No. 31.