Shield: From the Provincial Seal of South Cotabato where the town is located.

Twenty Three Stars: Stand for the number of developing barangays comprising the Municipality.

Mountain: Depicts Mt. Matutum as the strategic landmark of the Municipality; connotes wealth and potential resources of Polomolok.

Rice, Corn, & Pineapple: Symbolize the agricultural products of the locality because of their abundance, more so, with the pineapple plantation of Dole Philippines being the largest in the world.

Carabao & Cow: Relationship between man and animals and likewise in terms of faithful and loyal "beasts of burden" during early settlements of Southern Mindanao.

Plow: Stands for the inherent industry of the early settlers in breaking the vast untouched lands extending from Allah River down to all corners of the region.

1957: The year the Municipality was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 264.