Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Pangasinan where the town is located.

Red Well: Spanish words "pozo" (well) and "rubio" (red) where the name of the town was derived.

Pergola: One of the most authentic and endearing edifices located at the heart of the poblacion which marks the rich and colorful history of the town.

White Dove w/ Olive Branch: Purity, peace and harmony that binds the constituents of Pozorrubio; being one of the most peaceful towns in the province where the people are peace-loving and hospitable.

Bolo & Sword, Piece of Wood, Cowhide, Bamboo, Rattan, Buri: Cottage industries in the town such as metal, rattan, bamboo, buri and leather crafts, and wood carving which are exported in Southeast Asian Countries and in the US.

Agricultural Products: Predominantly agricultural with rice, corn, legumes, cotton, sugarcane, and vegetables as the main products.

Building: Institutional sectors existing in the town such as schools, churches, business establishments and the municipal government continuously serving the citizenry.

Enero 13, 1870: Foundation date of the Municipality.

Yellow Circle: Inherent warmth and hospitality the inhabitants of Pozorrubio.

Red Circle: Bravery and strong leadership qualities of the founders of Pozorrubio and foremost political leaders who shaped the rich and colorful history of the municipality.