Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Nueva Vizcaya where the town is located.

Fish & Waves: Aquatic industry of the Municipality, making it the fishing magnet of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya.

Three Layers of Waves: Angadanan, Buliwao and Magat Rivers that criss-cross the Municipality.

Corn & Rice Stalk, Citrus & Coffee: Agricultural industry of the Municipality with its valleys and plains suitable for rice, corn, citrus, vegetables and coffee-producing town in the province. The only coffee-producing town in Nueva Vizcaya.

Helmet, Pick & Au (Chemical Symbol for Gold): Mining industry of the town with rich gold deposits in Barangay Run-runo, Darruba and Madiangat. Gold panning, one of the sources of income of the townspeople.

Cow Head & Hide: Rich valleys and hills for livestock and cattle-raising.

Waterfalls, Electric Post & Volt: Source of power/electricity because of its very good watershed.

Trees & Logs: Best lumber in the Region from the Municipality's mountain ranges which has caused depletion of the forest.