Golden Yellow Circle: Unity among Quezonians working together and making their Municipality a progressive and peaceful one towards a bright future.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Quezon where the town is located.

Portrait of President Manuel L. Quezon: Municipality was named after his memory and honor; his efforts while he was a Commissioner made Barrio Silangan (now Quezon) an independent Municipality.

Six Stars: Six (6) urban Barangays at the poblacion.

Eighteen Sampaguita Leaves: Eighteen (18) rural Barangays of the town.

Coconut Tree: Copra making as major peso earner of the Municipality.

Ricefields & Mountain: Farming as major occupation of the town; their products include rice, corn, fruits and vegetables for consumption and commercial purposes.

Boat, Fish and Sea: Fishing as the source of income of families living near the seashore.

1914: Year of creation of the Municipality under Executive Order No. 100.