Shield: Derived from the Provincial Seal of Mountain Province where the town is located.

Pine Tree: Plays a very significant role in Sagada's existence and culture wherein the way of life in the Municipality, from birth to death, revolves around this particular tree.

Sunflower: Known for its aesthetic value and abundance, this plant is useful for medicinal and agricultural uses.

Rice Terraces: A common feature and sight in any mountain village in the entire Cordillera region, demonstrates the super indigenous agricultural engineering; also depicts the home of the sturdy Igorots.

Limestone Formations: Represent the nature's priceless legacies to the town which give unique identity that sets it apart from other municipalities in the province or even in the entire region.

"Ipeyas Nan Gawis": Means "Spread the Good", a guiding principle in the way man should relate with his fellowmen.