Green Base of the seal: Strong foundation of the City through united leadership of local officials and people's active involvement in its developmental agenda.

Twenty four (24) rays: Twenty four (24) Barangays comprising the City.

White Dove: Overwhelming peace in Sagay.

Triangle: Balance in industry, environment and labor.

Sugarmills: Lifeblood of majority of Sagaynons from planters, to sugarcane plantation workers "tapaseros", to sugarmill owner and to market dealers.

Trees: Undying concern of Sagaynons to their upland environment.

Locomotive: Plays a vital role in annals of Sagay's history as this mode of transportation hauled lumber of Insular Lumber Company, ILCO (more particularly the legendary ILCO Train No. 7) in early 1900's and sugarcane up to the present.

Fishes: Steadfast covenant of City government and people of Sagay on its marine conservation and protection endeavors.

inter-weaved human figures: Sagaynons' commitment in realizing dreams and aspirations for Sagay.