Color Symbolism: Red: Growth, strength, vigilance and courage. Blue: Justice, intellect, tranquility and understanding. White: Purity, benevolence and propitiousness. Green : Abundance, vigour, vitality and viability.

Twelve (12) Cornered Circle: Encircling the white shields is twelve (12) cornered circle as Councilor Districts, with fifty nine (59) Barangays represented by fifty nine (59) gears.

Circle: Continuing unity and commitment of dedicated public service with inscription of the name City of San Fernando.

Scroll: Beneath the shield and floating in a field of blue is the City's motto "Agay-ayat Kadakayo Amin" (We Love You All), aptly projecting peace, respect and love.

Shield: Sustained Peace, Order and Security and divided into four (4) parts.

Airplane, Locomotive and Pier with Anchored ship: Three(3) major modes of transportation: airplane for the International Airport; Locomotive as an alternate land transportation and pier with anchored ship as an International Port of Entry.

Three (3) Fishing Boats: Fishing as year-round major family livelihood of coastal residents.

Three (3) Tobacco Leaves: Traditional major source of income of local framers after rice harvest.

Map: Red heart with map of the city at its center, seat of national government offices in Region 1 and capital of the Province.