Laurels with 59 leaves: Victory and success of city hood in San Jose Del Monte; fifty nine (59) leaves for number of Barangays comprising municipality.

Red Color: Courage and strength.

Blue Color: Peace and harmony

Rising Sun: New beginning and progress.

Man at the center : Human resource.

Map: The political boundary of San Jose Del Monte.

Shield of Victory: Justice and equality.

Mountains: San Jose Del Monte's topography which is characterized generally by rolling terrain; verdant mountains "DEL MONTE" comprise watershed which form as part of Angat watershed.

Gear: Modern technology.

Buildings: Sustainable development of the City.

Houses: Community.

Brown Arch : Past.

Welcome Arch: Spirit of hospitality of the San JoseƱos.

Green Field: Conservation of mother nature, agricultural lands, forest reserves and its environment.

1752: Foundation year of San Jose Del Monte,Bulacan.

2000: Conversion year of San Jose Del Monte into Component City of Bulacan province.

Carabao: Strength and farming.