White Ribbons: Name of the Municipality and the Province inscribed in it; symbolizes purity of intentions of the municipal government for its constituents.

Fifteen Small Stars: Fifteen (15) Barangays that comprise the Municipality.

Three Big Stars, Sun, Blue & Red Colors: From the Philippine National Flag.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Rizal where the town is located. Featured inside the shield are the main concerns of the municipal government for its people.

Caduceus: Medicine for health, happiness and peace.

Sword & Balance: Justice for equal protection of law for poor and rich without any favor in return.

Torch & Book: Education, as a chance for every constituent of Municipality to finish education in order that their talents can be enhanced and to make them honest, loving, industrious, stable and brave to face the future.

Factory, Plants, Hat & Pick: Livelihood, for useful and progressive way of life of people so they can have a productive and decent place in the society and in the Municipality of San Mateo where they live.