Two Circles: Protective shield of the government as vanguard of the Municipality. Blue: Unity. Red: Heroism and love. Yellow: Prosperity. Green: Hope.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Ilocos Sur where the town is located.

Spanish Crown: Place was once the seat of Spanish Authority in the North.

Seven Stars: Seven (7) Barangays of Municipality.

Red Cross: Religiosity of the townspeople.

Chain: Unity among the townspeople both in times of peace and trouble.

Flower: Hope and joy.

Chair: Furniture making and antique items are found in the Municipality.

Big Wok: Saltmaking industry.

Plow: Municipality as an agricultural town with cabbage, onion, and rice as its products.

Fish: Aquatic resources of the town.

Statue: Sculpture making which depicts patience of the constituents engaged in it.

Rose: Official flower.